KINDRED SPIRIT cage- free boarding & fun on 3 fenced acres every day of the year
KINDRED SPIRIT cage- free boarding & funon 3 fenced acres every day of the year 

Kindred Spirit: Cage-Free Dog Boarding & Daycarefor the outdoorsy dog since 2006 !

Dogs were meant to be free and loved - not restricted to kennels !

  • At Kindred Spirit your dog becomes part of a friendly pack that roams our 3 acre ranch and is supervised by our team of dog lovers 8 hours each day, then eats and naps together in our Canine Club House. Overnight they have a choice of a dog bed, couch or crate in the clubhouse.
  • Our focus is on the individual dog : we temperament test her/ him by introducing them to different dogs in our inital interview, we find out what they like / dislike and we watch their pack behavior when you bring them for a free playdate before their service starts - then we accept the dog . We find out which one of our 3 playgroups suits your dog best . Manager Desiree has a Animal Behavior Degree and Owner Martina has studied Canine Psychology .
  • We are low-tech (no cameras, no artificial turf) and hands-on, spending 8 hours supervising dogs play inside and outside daily. Someone is on the premises full- time to always keep an eye/ear on them.Our dog to Person ratio is 9 to 1, the lowest in town,
  • We are bonded and insured 
  • Small dogs and Seniors can choose to receive extra TLC in a small group of dogs at our " Cottage" in South Bend with Martina.
  • .An optional 3 mile off-leash hike is offered for free every morning at 8 am 
  • Each dog gets a chance to visit and be familiar with us before they are left for a longer time - while Mom and Dad answer many questions, dog gets to play with the others and we assess her/ his temperament and in which of our 3 playgroups s/he would feel most comfortable.

This results in dogs that are not anxious and parents who are reassured by the many tail wags and the friendly atmosphere they witness.

Dogs who are still a bit apprehensive are invited for a free play date and for one of our daily adventurous hikes. Kindred Spirit was founded by a dog lover for dog lovers, not mainly for profit.

Each of us feels that if we would get a dollar for every time the dogs make us smile, we would all be millionaires:-)

In our daily 8 hours of supervised free play, we also include things like ball play ,daily  hikes and cuddle time for free in our service, instead of charging for them seperately as many other kennels do . We do not lock them up but make them part of our lives. Most of all : WE GET  TO KNOW THEM , keep good notes on their behavior and personality and are available to you for updates and consultations  at all hours by text and email. Martina lives on- site and makes sure the dogs are never left alone - even when asleep she keeps an ear on them:-)  Our dog to person ratio is 9:1 , the lowest in  all Bend Boarding facilities.  Each one of our 6 team members has been trained and chosen carefully and is knowledgeable about dog psychology and first aid . THE DOGS SEEM TO KNOW HOW MUCH WE LOVE THEM! and  80% OF THEM RETURN TO US AT LEAST TWICE A YEAR ..and are greeted with a big hug :-)


Overnights are 24 hours, and include a 2 mile hike, 8 hours of supervised play, and a nap/night in either Martina's personal home (little and elder dogs), or in the Canine Clubhouse (4 heated/air conditioned rooms). Your dog can stay anywhere from 1 day to 6 weeks. We ask that you and your dog visit us before their stay, or provide references from former care givers.

We are happy to give you updates on how your dog is doing, if you text us at 541-706-1544 or call our land-line. We post pictures of your dogs at play frequently on our Facebook- Kindred Spirit Pet Care.

All dogs older than 8 months must be spayed/neutered to be accepted.





8-10 hours of supervised fun!

At this point we have many regulars who come to us once or twice a week and receive a discount with the "Play Care Punch Card". Drop-Ins are $25 for a full day or $15 for a half day and are available first come, first serve. Dogs have a nap time from 11am- 2pm, and  if there owner brings a snack  for them . If your dog is here by 8am , s/he is invited to particiapte in our fieldtrip or hike .

DOGS ARE PRESCREENED FOR TEMPERAMENT AND SOCIAL SKILLS BEFORE THEY ARE ACCEPTED  and come for a meet-n- greet with their owners before they enroll. 



We are happy to administer 1-3 meds per  meal free of charge.  Insulin Shots are $3 per shot, bandaging of wounds is $5 . We  offer a Pet- Taxi and a ride to the Vet  for a small extra charge. Baths and nail clips are quite popular  and available on request for $20-30 

We offer an " Emergency Packet" which includes a visit to your home , so we can come and bring your dog to the ranch for a stay, if you have been  involved in an accident or family emergency ($75 - good for  2 years ) 



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