KINDRED SPIRIT cage- free boarding & fun on 3 fenced acres every day of the year
KINDRED SPIRIT cage- free boarding & funon 3 fenced acres every day of the year 

Open daily:                 7-11 am and 2-6 pm 

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541 3856278 541 3856278 or email: kindredspiritpc

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Kindred Spirit Pet Care

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"A typical day at the Ranch  " narrated by Pablo &Sparky,our resident-dogs   

7 am - Everyone is so excited! Desiree and Kassi arrive and after some cuddles and greeting, we walk laps on the property so we can do our busines ( you know what we mean!) 

7:15 am : Feeding time. We have the kibbles you packed for us along with some of that  delicious KS stew . We eat either in our crates or 2-3 of us in a  room 

7:30 am :  Daycare dogs arrive and there is tail wagging, posturing , greetings - and then we all go and play . Older Dogs often stay in the back yard where they can catch a break from the commotion and take a snooze in the clubhouse . Between you and us : Puppies seem to get crazier every year - dogs like Pablo cannot imagine that they were once as crazy as this ! Sparky is still crazy, though ...and might never stop being a wild man, says Pablo

8 am : Time for hikes and field trips!Dogs whose parents allow them o walk off- leash are the envy of all : they get to go for a 3 mile off- leash hike at Whiskey Ridge  or BLM land and pile into the dog mobile . If big dogs are really nice, If you are one of those ,who can' handle this off-leash business , you are invited to go on a hike across the street on the 20 acres of public land- or you can just stay here and chase the others around.

10 am : The hikers are back and we help Desiree ,Debra or Kassie clean the Clubhouse . DOGS MAKE A LOT OF MESS , I can tell you ! UGH! Martina meets with new clients for their intake interview . We love helping her check out new dogs and their people.

10am - 11 am We play and play - new people with their dogs arrive for their intake interviews  and we participate by sniffing them out and schmoozing with their people.

11:00 - 2pmNAP TIME ! We get a peanut butter filled bone ( or a treat brought from home) and curl up to snooze . If you did not get the memo: BEING AN ACTIVE DOG IS EXHAUSTING! PLEASE DON'T WAKE US UP BY ARRIVING BETWEEN 11-2 PM ! Thx!

2 pm:  More peeing and sniffingmore chasing and ball catching. More new people for intake interviews that we check out.  Hurray! 

2:30 pm :  Dinner time! This might sound boring to you, but it is very exciting to us ! And it is yummy :-) We eat early so there is plenty of time to digest everything before we turn in at 6pm 

3 pm - 6pm :  More time to run off your crazies or cuddle with the humans before we get ready for bed ...

6pm : Bed time ! 

8-9 pm : Desiree ( who lives here with us ) checks on us and lets us out, if we need to go .

But honestly: most of the time we are so tired that we pretend to be asleep - then she just cuddles us and lets us snore on... We get ready for the fun of the next day ....


1. You  probably wonder what happens if someone misbehaves : They get sprayed with water and /or put in a time-out. We  are very careful not to get into too much trouble , because we hate that stuff ! 

2. No, we do not get left alone !!Someone is always on the premises. Desiree  runs errands sometimes or goes out for dinner  but whenever she has to be gone for more than 45 minutes she asks the other employees  to stay in her house and watch  out for us .

3. You wonder why we get along so well ? Well , firstly there is so much fun stuff to do , that we do not have time for silly ideas...and someone is always watching us . Secondly : all of us have been vetted for temperament before we were accepted. Third : there  is a NO-BULLY!  rule - the humans really come down on you if you hump or bite ( a bit growling is permissable, though) ...and frankly: The KS ranch is the best place aside from your own home ...and you do not want to get kicked out of here....

If you have any more questions, please contact us via our animal communicator :-)

We wanna tell you this about this place: IF YOU HAD A TAil, YOU WOULD WAG IT TOO! 

















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