KINDRED SPIRIT cage- free boarding & fun on 3 fenced acres every day of the year
KINDRED SPIRIT cage- free boarding & funon 3 fenced acres every day of the year 

Open daily:                 7-11 am and 2-6 pm 

Please call  

541 3856278 541 3856278 or email: kindredspiritpc

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Kindred Spirit Pet Care

65228 85th Pl
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Bend, 1641 97701

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Please read this important information

1. We require all dogs to be socialized around people and other dogs . This is important because of our free- play structure and large yard

2. We require current vaccination, a protection against lice and ticks as well as as name and number of your vet clinic for reference
3. We do not accept unneutered males older than 8 months as they tend to draw aggression from the other neutered males in the pack. "Bully breeds " are only accepted after a detailed temperament test and an observation of their behavior in the group

3.. Every dog who has not been with us for 6 months will need 1 day of Daycare to be reacquainted before next oeernight  . This special day is just $20 

4. Little dogs need to be at least 8 pounds to be accepted unless they are accompanied by a bigger sibling! 

On our big ranch, tiny guys could get lost in the shuffle too easily and need special supervision- a big brother or sister helps with that :-)   ,,,,

To determine if our ranch is a good fit for you and your dog  we invite both of you to visit us at our ranch for a Meet & Greet, so we can assess your dog's  social skills and temperament .

Please call us to schedule! 541-385-6278

Visitors from out-of-town are asked to describe their dogs needs and social experiences in a phone interview before they enroll their dogs. 

Please follow the easy directions under "Contact us" (GPS sometimes leads you on a wild goose chase through our neighborhood) and give us a call .

We can't wait to meet you and your dogs !







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