KINDRED SPIRIT cage- free boarding & fun on 3 fenced acres every day of the year
KINDRED SPIRIT cage- free boarding & funon 3 fenced acres every day of the year 

Open daily:                 7-11 am and 2-6 pm 

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541 3856278 541 3856278 or email: kindredspiritpc

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The Kindred Spirit Cottage

 is an ideal environment for little dogs and Seniors , who like  to receive lots of TLC and /or go on walks every day ! After managing the big Doggie Ranch for 6 years Martina is semi- retiring and inviting just 2-4 dogs to share the house with her and her 2 dogs .

The Cottage is  located at 60742 Bristol Way ( corner of Knott Rd and Country Club. Our Phone is 541-706-1544,  email :

We accept only  2-4 dogs total : Small dogs up to 22  pounds or bigger Seniors, who want to take it easy in our dog room .


After Breakfast ( 8-10 am  )we venture out to a trailhead and go for a 2 mile hike .  .Seniors too old for a hike get a small stroll though the neighborhood, if they like .

. Afterwards the lil guys help Martina work in the office and help us clean the


After a  2 hour nap time( 12- 2pm )  ,we will have a play time in our 1 acre fenced yard or go for a short little stroll around the neighborhood.  After dinner we like to take it easy by reading, launching and watching TV. Overnight guests can choose to sleep on the living room couch , on a pillow in Martina’s bedroom or in a crate in the dog room 

    Martina will go on  errands  or take a fitness class once a day and the lil guys should be ok with being by themselves for up to 4 hours a day . If Martina needs to be gone longer  Debra or Hope will come in to keep the pups happy.  Roommate Molly and her 2 elder dogs are also there for company 


We charge $38 for little dogs and $40 for bigger Seniors to stay 24 hours with us( arriving and leaving in morning ) and charge a small add-on daycare fee for those who want spend the rest of the day ,too  . We give discounts for cash payments ($35/ 37 a day) and charge only $240 a week for little ones, if you wanna pay us in cash . We will provide limited daycare for our little friends.

Pick-ups and Drop-offs : 7-8am ,10-12 am , 2-6 pm every day but Sunday and Thursday(  by special appointment t)  

    On Sundays Martina goes to work at the Kindred Spirit Ranch and Hope will be with the dogs several  hours  both morning and afternoon Pick- Ups and Drop-offs on Sunday are only by special appointment 

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